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Strategic Benefits

ITAL is an International Marine Liability Specialist.  It was established in 1973.

ITAL head office is in London.  We have offices in California, New York, and Singapore. We have a network of surveyors around the world and our experience means we know the right person for the job, often in very difficult parts of the world.

World-wide we handle well over 2,000 claims per annum.

ITAL operates a quality management system developed in house, modelled upon ISO 9001. We have our own in house developed electronic filing and registration systems that allow us to handle major losses anywhere in the world to the same high standards.

ITAL can generally arrange for attendance by specialised surveyors anywhere in the world within hours of being notified of circumstances giving rise to a potential claim. ITAL will then issue a preliminary report, within 1 Working day of survey.

ITAL will, in any event, keep you fully updated of all major developments in real time to ensure that agreed or critical issues are immediately brought to your attention and in order that appropriate decisions / instructions can be given.

ITAL maintains an open book policy for all its Clients. It is your case and your file.  Files are maintained electronically and are easily available for audit and review when required.

Many claims are international in nature. This involves surveys and claimants  in different countries and often in remote locations. Therefore ITAL carefully manages the entire process to ensure consistency in approach and in quality of work undertaken.

With strategically located overseas offices, ITAL’s sister Company ISA is able to arrange for prompt attendance of its own surveyors worldwide, should that be appropriate. Additionally, ISA also has access to its specialised network of Correspondents. This  ensures  that  surveys  can  be  conducted  locally,  at  ports  or  at  inland locations.   These local surveyors report to the appropriate ISA controlling regional office.    This, in turn, ensures that technical quality and service / reporting to you are maintained to ITAL’s exacting standards, no matter where the incident takes place.

The  location  of  our  regional  offices  means  that  you  benefit  from  local knowledge of countries, personnel, relevant authorities, culture and language.

Consistent global standards are maintained – vital for you or your international clients.